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Improv Anonymous

Formed in 2012 by Damaged Goods to help create a bigger and more sustainable improv comedy scene in Louisville, Improv Anonymous has become the fastest growing improv act in town.

Sister Team

As Damaged Goods’ sister team, Improv Anonymous practices the art of high energy performance based improv comedy. They can be seen performing alongside Damaged Goods, as well as performing individual shows all around the city.

Longform Comedy

Improv Anonymous performs longform comedy, which is akin to short and hilarious improvised plays, as well as performing the Damaged Goods style of shortform comedy. Improv Anonymous is taking Louisville on a fantastic improvised ride.

Improv Anonymous Members

Members of Improv Anonymous include:
JD Green, Tom Frisby, Surriya Ahmad, Erin Althaus, AJ Green and Ryan Kemp.