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Stefan Gearhart

Stefan Gearhart

Stefan Gearhart was born and raised in the little lakeside hamlet of Toledo, OH.  He moved to Louisville, KY thereafter where he has called it his home since then.  Stefan is the O.G. good looking comic book nerd.  Improv is in his blood, starting from an early age.  From being the class clown to lying his way out of any bad situation to crafting stories about his time with Superman.  Stefan has been officially performing improv for the better part of 14 years. He has a BFA in Theatre from Western KY University but it was there that he discovered improv by joining Kentucky’s Longest Running Improv Troupe, Happy Gas Improv.  He later went on to learn and perform as much improv as humanly possible, even at one point breaking a world improv record, with improv troupe, SPF7 in Seaside, FL, as they performed 72 straight hours of improv comedy!  However, his time as Co-Founder and Performer in Damaged Goods has been the best part of his life in improv.